Esquire Glass

Made to last, adding an infusion of colour and contemporary ambience, Esquire Glass toughened glass hob panels and colour matched upstands will enhance any style of kitchen or worktop design. Smooth, seamless and practical, Glass is naturally hygienic and simple to maintain, its ultra-clean non-porous surface cannot harbour germs or bacteria.
Esquire Glass modular hob panels are made from 6mm low iron glass which is toughened to provide 5 times more impact and heat resistant than annealed glass. Our range of 10 colours offer sparkle, matt and gloss finishes and are selected to blend in with the UK’s leading kitchen styles. Requiring no specialist fabrication, templating or installation, modular hob panels can be installed with your kitchen worktops in no time at all. Simple, safe and affordable.
Esquire Glass upstands are manufactured in annealed glass so they can be easily trimmed to length on site. Perfectly colour matched to the toughened glass hob panels, they provide a contemporary look and practical solution for your kitchen workspace.

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