Laminate Worktops from Artis, Axiom, Prima & Omega-Odyssey offer a wide range of colours & finishes.

In the UK the standard width is 600 mm (Approximately 24 inches).

Finished heights from the floor will vary depending on usage but typically will be 35-36″ (889–914 mm), with a material thickness depending on that chosen. They may include an integrated or applied upstand to prevent spills and objects from falling behind the cabinets. Kitchen worktops may also be installed on freestanding islands, dining areas or bars, desk and table tops, and other specialised task areas; as before, they may incorporate cantilevers, free spans, and overhangs depending on application. The horizontal surface and vertical edges of the worktop can be decorated in manners ranging from plain to very elaborate. They are often conformed to accommodate the installation of sinks, stoves (cookers), ranges, and hobs, or other accessories.